Parivruddhi Foundation

Corporate Partnerships

Parivruddhi Foundation strongly believes that Corporate Partnerships are not just about meeting CSR objectives. It’s an effective manner to bring effective sustainable impact towards building a better tomorrow.

We work alongside supporters and institutions such as trusts, companies, institutions and private organizations to help us build a better world for the lesser fortunate. Together, we aim to accomplish a secure and safe life for every citizen of the nation.

Ways to Partner with Us

Corporate Donations: You can make lumpsum corporate donations towards our specific campaigns that your company would be interested in. Ranging from Education, healthcare disaster resilience and preparedness to our attempts at organic farming-you have a wide array of causes to choose. Your donation would be directed towards Parivruddhi’s programs which address your preferred cause.

You can adopt one or more of our projects that fit your CSR needs in terms of geographical location and area of intervention. We shall be happy to assist and be monitoring the program, come up with program plans, deploying support staff and the required expertise. We shall send you the project impact reports periodically.

Parivruddhi organises several events in a calender year to raise awareness and gather help on various campaigns. You can come on board as one of the event sponsors to support the cause. This can help you brind your brand and create visibility. Another interesting way would be you could pledge a fixed amount to include certain number of employees of your Company.

Engage your employees in a special way and for a specific cause and help them experience more joy than just mere job satisfaction. Corporate Volunteering can be a great addition to your employee engagement and the employees can choose for our featured campaigns and their area of interest.

Celebrate any significant milestones of your organization by having an online or offline fundraiser event for a cause that your employees and organization care about. These can be your Annual Day, Founder’s Day or your own giving initiatives like a Gratitude Week, Giving Month, etc.

We work alongside you to curate a donation drive for any of your desired interest or you can choose from our campaigns. We can help you create fundraisers for you and your employees to engage, participate and donate.

Through your corporate expertise and innovative thinking, we can partner with your company to co-create new projects that are innovative, impactful and can help the social needs at the moment. This shall help us create a multi-tier impact and to see better and improved impact on the lives of those intended.

With your technical and technological expertise, partner with us to build a high impact solutions and innovative technology models and to assist in our causes.

Institutional Alliances

Our aim for institutional partnerships is to connect domain experts, resources, strengths for our campaigns from the grass root level. Such partnerships are are crucial for the strategic, sustainable and large-scale growth that they are intended at and to drive our nation towards faster growth and better living. Institutional partnerships help us to create policy-level changes, advocate our efforts, and to impact long-term development as well as accomplish lasting programmatic policies.

We run programs in partnerships with institutions in a wide array of initiatives such as education, health and nutrition, skill development, gender equality and inclusion etc.

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