Parivruddhi Foundation

Welcome to Parivruddhi Foundation

Parivruddhi  Foundation firmly pursues the mantra “ Sarva Jana Sukhaaya-Sarva Jana Hitaaya which stands “for the happiness of all; for the well-being of all”. The Foundation visualizes contemporary India and its global presence through achievable integrated development and inclusiveness. The organization’s programs are focused on direct interventions in the areas of skill development, healthcare (women and children), Livelihoods (self-help groups, community centers and linkages to government schemes), Disaster response (Covid-19 relief response) as well as advocacy and awareness on the rights and policies of governance through our live welfare programs.

Parivruddhi Foundation focuses on social transformation and skill development programs by providing vocational training and capacity-building opportunities to the underprivileged and under-served sections of our country.

Parivruddhi Foundation aims to act as a powerful catalyst for social transformation. The Foundation acts as a pressure group instrumental in policymaking and its implementation and also prefers to play the role of a watchdog critically monitoring the activities of government and industry in keen public interest.

mission & vision.

Parivruddhi’s Mandate

  • 01. Create an environment of social awareness by generating and promoting opportunities of sustainability in the fields of education, health, culture & human values, science and technology, and social sensitization
  • 02. Create resource centers and community hotspots to impart livelihood training and achieve scalable skilling, higher productivity resulting in skill-related employment opportunities
  • 03. Empower community-based organizations (CBOs) and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) among the poor and under-privileged communities
  • 04. Empower youth and women to further improve their effectiveness, skills and efforts through best identified tools and employment/livelihood opportunities
  • 05. Bring more visible social change and to persuade the policy making in the areas of social, educational, economic and empowerment matters.
  • 06. Work excessively in the area’s environment, nature enrichment and integrated farming for improved agriculture


To contribute to social empowerment and to eradicate inequality. We help communities to develop self-sustenance, improve life capabilities and build resilience.  Our work is concentrated in three focus areas; sustainable development, skill development & capacity-building, and climate & disaster resilience.


why us.

Our Expertise

To safeguard the rights of the Children and provide for the well-being of Children in need, more particularly, Children deprived of education

Persistent sensitizing and capacity building in public
• Students in schools & colleges
• Employees in corporate houses

To provide medical, legal aid and assistance to the under-privileged and to take such other measures to ensure their social well-being

To empower the differently abled by providing
• Medical aid and appliances
• Vocational training and employment opportunities
• Legal aid
• Other rehabilitation measures those are necessary to ensure them a self-sustained living

To mentor and provide guidance to the youth. To preserve and protect the environment and propagate the significance of sustainable development for maintaining ecological balance. To conduct study on various social issues from time to time, gather data, and research

To take such other measures and render services or assistance including establishment of information centres, provision for shelter homes, setting up of educational, research and training institutions, etc., to the aforesaid class of persons

Meet our Leader Team


Mr. Balasubrahmanyam is an advocate in the Supreme Court of India and is the mentor and backbone of the Parivruddhi Foundation sharing his valuable insights, opinions and able guidance in the organization’s every effort and activity. During his early years, Mr. Balasubrahmanyam or Bala ji, as he is fondly called was an instrumental student and youth leader and a passionate social activist. He was a renowned journalist for almost two decades and is acclaimed for his articles and editorials. Bala ji is an observant political thinker and intricately understands the nuances of politics and governance. He has extensively travelled across Europe and Asia for international conferences on law, governance and policy makings

Founding Trustees

Ms. Sriteja

Ms. Sriteja is a corporate lawyer with years of experience in legal research, policy making and corporate law. She has toured around the world leading an Indian delegation on youth empowerment. Sriteja envisions a multidimensional growth and exposure bridging the gap or disparity in the society through various initiatives. She is working on various proposals on lifestyle management, women and youth-oriented skill development, establishment of community-based education hotspots.

Mr. Rayadurgam Bharat

Mr. Bharat is a software engineer turned advocate, practicing in the High Court of Delhi. Bharat has been actively led the structuring and scaling up of the organization.He is an amicable person with varied interests in social and economic development. His interest lies in community empowerment through training and capability building


Ms. Sribala Kamarsu

She is also a practicing advocate and a great exponent of Kuchipudi dance representing the art on a global platform. She has been successfully leading all our activities on ground lending her constant support, ideas and capacities in every possible manner.

Mr. P. Venkat Vijay Kumar

He is a seasoned realtor and a warm-hearted social enthusiast is a leading force of our foundation. He is a strong supporter of social change through community interactions.