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Our Programs

It’s our mission to help develop, empower, and act for the benefit of society.

Promoting Sustainability & Self-sustenance

Direct interventions in the areas of skill development, healthcare, Livelihoods (self-help groups, community centers and linkages to gov schemes), Disaster response (Covid-19 relief response).

Community and Livelihood Training

Social transformation and skill development programs by providing vocational training and capacity-building opportunities to the underprivileged and under-served sections of our country.

Teen and Youth Programs

Focus on children getting a good education, including tutoring programs, scholarships, learning spaces, computer training, internships and externships. And leading to a bright future

Nature Enrichment &
Disaster Response

Work excessively in the area’s environment, nature enrichment and integrated farming for improved agriculture. We help communities to develop self-sustenance & improve life

Pressure Group &
Watch Dog Activities

Bring more visible social change and to persuade the policy making in the areas of social, educational, economic and empowerment matters.
About us

Welcome to the Parivruddhi Network

The Parivruddhi aid network envisions a thriving and connected community, one in which all of its members have dependable access to resources that enrich and empower lives. A community where all of its members feel they can belong, one in which everyone has a chance to both contribute and receive. A community where everyone can feel fulfilled by their involvement.

Improve life capabilities and build resilience.

Parivruddhi Foundation is a voluntary organization founded in 2019 and with the main goal of the development, empowerment and actions for the benefit of the society. Parivruddhi envisions a sustainable society accomplished with a skilled, healthy and dignified life. The organization partners with thinkers, social activists, policymakers, domain experts, entrepreneurs to create a multi-dimensional social impact and aims to form a constructive synergy between the ideation of young minds and the virtues of our Sanathana Dharma.

How we help.

Every person deserves a healthy start

Every child deserves a healthy start

Parivruddhi aims to provide medical, legal aid and assistance to the under-privileged and to take such other measures to ensure their social well-being. We seek to empower the differently-abled by providing medical aid and appliances, other rehabilitation measures necessary to ensure them a self-sustained living

Education is about creating leaders for tomorrow

To safeguard the rights of the students and provide for the well-being of children in need, more particularly, Children deprived of education. We ensure persistent sensitizing and capacity building among the general public, more particularly students in schools and colleges.

Anything is possible with the right tools and good people.

To campaign for awareness on the aforesaid issues by disseminating information among the public. To conduct study on various social issues from time to time, gather data, and carry out research

Our Earth, Our Habitat, Our Home.

Parivruddhi strives to preserve and protect the environment and propagate the significance of sustainable development for maintaining ecological balance. 

Unleashing the skilled individual in everyone

We undertake measures and render services or assistance including the establishment of information centers, Vocational training, and employment opportunities, setting up of educational, research and training institutions, provision for shelter homes etc

Nation Building-Our endeavour towards a modern state of a national community.

Parivruddhi Foundation aims to act as a powerful catalyst for social transformation. The Foundation acts as a pressure group instrumental in policymaking and its implementation and also prefers to play the role of a watchdog critically monitoring the activities of government and industry in keen public interest.

We need your help.

Featured Campaigns

शतहस्त समाहर सहस्रहस्त संकिर ।

Earn with hundred hands and donate with thousand hands. (Atharva Veda 3.24.5)

Herbal Horticulture : A home garden to redefine the concepts of medicine

Under the Ayush initiatives, Parivruddhi shall undertake the mission of introducing medicinal plants to be cultivated as part of every home garden and shall redefine the concept of medicine for common ailments using natural herbs.

Organic farming: Our attempt to holistic

As an advocate of organic farming and pesticide free growing, Parivruddhi is partnering with numerous farms, nurseries and individuals to spread the strong message of chemical free living. We believe in nature enrichment .

Low code technology for Digital Transformation in current Times

Low-code platforms provide visual interfaces with drag-and-drop capabilities that allow users to build apps for different business tasks, from customer-facing applications to integrations with third party solutions.

Youth in Action: Community hotspots for technical capabilities

With our Partners, SmartBridge Educational Services, a premier ed tech company, we are facilitating the concept of coding, technology support & computer basics through innovative and interactive methods

Volunteer Positions Available


Families provided with essential provisions and goods


10,000 meals served till date so that no one sleeps hungry


People and volunteer involvement in our programs


Donations received just for our Covid-19 relief initiatives

My involvement with the (Parivruddhi) activities have helped me realize that you don’t need more to give more. You just need a good heart and some empathy

Sribala, Program Advisor, Hyderabad

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Make a Difference

Join hands with us and our proactive missions to mark  a difference to the lives of people around us

Free Access

It’s free of charge to provide service and raise funds. Easily get access to campaigns or projects.

Vocal for Locals

Unite with us in the revolution for being more vocal for local and encourage the local businesses.

Real Impact

Translate your intention for change into visible impact in the lives of people we serve.

Safety Net

A safety network lets your donations and funds guarantee a safe way network and public

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